Git integration: adding, removing & ignoring files and repository commit history


I'm just getting started with Git and it's Idea integration so I'm not 100% if these are missing features or if I'm just misunderstanding the way things are supposed to work. I'll happily post feature requests if my requests make any sense at all and if they don't exist already.

- git add, git rm: with the SVN integration, I can do this via the context menu
- add files to info/exclude or .gitignore: with the SVN integration, I can right click on a file that has not been added to the repository yet and define a pattern based on which files will be ignored
- git log origin: another feature I'm missing is the global repository history that informs me what others have been committing recently (and thus lets me know whether an update is wise or whether there are areas where new problems might occur)

I know that these things can be done via the command line but I'm just used to the Idea SVN integration making this very convenient (after using Idea for so long I'm spoilt... ) and saving me a lot of time. Is there a reason for these feature being absent that I'm overlooking or was there simply not enough time to implement them yet?



I'd love to see the commit history as well. I've added a feature request for it:


I would love to see the git integration become as functional as the svn functionality is in the IDE. svn is just utterly brilliant in Intellij.


Glad to see that it's not just me!

I'll post feature requests for the other features if they have not been posted already and post the link here.


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