OS X: Using multi-stroke keymap inputs second stroke

OS X 10.3.3, Build #1179

My brain contains well-trod pathways created by multi-stroke emacs chords and I'd like to take advantage of them in IDEA. On Win32 this is no problem (e.g., 'Alt-C, C'), but on OS X the second stroke works but inputs the stroke in my document. Definitely suboptimal.

For example, I've mapped Option-C, C to CVS commit the current file. When I hit Option-C I see the 'Prefix key pressed...' message in the status bar, but when I hit the successive 'C' I get the CVS commit message dialog box AND a 'C' is input to my document at the cursor.

This happens even if the second keystroke is a nonstandard stroke, like Option-C.

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FTR, I think that this happens with single-stroke keystrokes that involve the option / meta key. I've tried to remap the 'reformat code' menu item to meta-q (yes, I'm an emacs guy), and I end up with reformatted code, but with whatever option-q is inserted into the text.


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They seem to have serious problems with OSX key remapping. And unfortunately the priority to fix it once and for all is not as high as we mac users would wish.


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