Hi Romulus...

just checked in TranslatedFOV support. It is more difficult than in
FLash as I have decomposed the functionality of the old FlashWindow
monster. It was not too difficult, however. Please check if it works,
completely untested as of yet. Especially for the translated
AffineTransform I am not sure, but likely we will see errors only when
we start to have non-identity transforms anyway.

I have left all the (FOV)CoordTransform stuff unmapped and I believe
that when we will need to translate these we should see for another
solution in general. In Flash I did the same (unchanged pass through)
and it worked. Maybe we were just lucky and no one used the methods in
this context.

My opinion on this is, that while it is certainly ok to do tricks for
GUI display, inspection should ideally always take place on the original

Let me know if you find any bugs!



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