IDEA 9 and XSLT Resource Includes


i have some XSLT stylesheets which include other stylesheets like this

    <xsl:include href="file:com/xx/yyy/zzz/example.xsl"/>

the stylesheets execute ok at run time but when i edit the stylesheet in IDEA the XSLT editor cannot find the included stylesheet so i get lots of misleading red error bars.

previous to IDEA 9 i resolved this by adding the "file:com/xx/yyy/zzz/example.xsl" as an IDE wide resource and the XSLT editor found them and the red errors went away.

in IDEA 9 the resources have changed to be project wide, not IDE wide (which is something i've wanted for a long time), however now the XSLT editor doesn't seem to be able to resolve the resources.

i just noticed that all my resources had the new "Project" checkbox checked, when i unchecked it, all the includes went green!

the Help button doesn't mention the "Project" checkbox, does anyone know what this is and what impact does unchecking it have?

dave barton
interactive data europe

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