Why is my Find in Path broken?

Using Intellij 8.1.3, Windows 7 build 7100, 4 GB RAM, SSD, Core 2 Duo

A typical search - looking for "hide" in files, limited to .js extension.  There are 810 js files in this project, 127 of which contain that word.  Intellij maxes out one core and is unresponsive for a few minutes then runs out of memory (currently set to 800MB).

Agent Ransack performs the equivalent search in literally 2 seconds.

What am I doing wrong?  This doesn't happen for every search - it seems limited to searches that have more than a handful of results.


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Do you have large files in the path you are searching?


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There are some large files in the file system under the source tree (installers and such) but I'm assuming that they aren't searched.  I've removed all files that cause the "you're about to search a large file" popup.

Thanks for the reply

EDIT: clarified assumptions


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