What JDK, JSDK, JEESDK, JEEESDKJ to download?

Hi all,

10 years ago there were three big problems with getting started with Java,
1) there was no good, affordable IDE to use
2) hosts were much more expensive and harder to find than for other web server languages
3) you could never figure out which damn sdk file to download from the sun java site.

Now it seems that the first 2 questions have been answered and that
#1 Idea is a pack leader,
#2 there are plenty of solutions including the amazon cloud,
but #3, that last one,  is just as hard as frikkin ever!

I want to use IDEA 9 to create a hello world servlet and run it in Tomcat.

What file do I download from sun's site, and how do I configure Idea so that it knows where the "servlet" class is?

Can I install the servlet class and avoid Glassfish trying to use the tomcat ports?

Thanks for any help!

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Number 3 isn't a problem if you understand the difference between a specification and an implementation of that specification. J2EE is a specification and there are several applications that offer implementations of it (or parts of it). The jar file that contains the Servlet class will be found in the distributuion of your specific implementation (JBoss, Weblogic, Websphere, Glasshfish, Tomcat, Jetty, etc)


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