Setting CATALINA_BASE per-project? (or per-project App Server settings)

Hi everyone,

Currently working on communication between two servers which means I'm running two separate instances of Tomcat on the same environment.

IDEA stores Application Servers under "IDE Settings" and not "Project Settings" meaning that I cannot have my CATALINA_BASE depend on which project I'm running.

Is there any way to do this?  Basically parameterize CATALINA_BASE to depend on the project that I have checked out?

E.g. under the "Run/Debug Configurations > Tomcat Server > Server" tab, there is an "Application Server" option.

Right below that option, it would be great to be able to set CATALINA_BASE to something like "%PROJECT_HOME%/tomcat-base".

Any ideas?  Anything like this possible?



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I filed a feature request on Youtrack.

Feel free to vote it up if you are so inclined




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