Hibernate IntelliJ integration with JPA Annotations


I am getting my feet wet with some Hibernate and would like to use the features of IntelliJ to speed up the development process. It appears that there are lots of features, but they don't appear to be working for me so a couple of questions on the topic for any users of IntelliJ's Hibernate featureset:

1) Is there some reading easily accessible that is more than a high level feature summary?
2) Is there a feature that will allow me to run HQL or Criteria Queries much like a SQL query so I can rapidly ensure that the syntax returns values I want without having to write a unit test to exercise that code?
3) The ER Diagram generation when I do CTRL-A "open er" does not show me anything and also does not throw an error - any ideas what I did wrong?

I have a simple project with an applicationContext.xml (spring) that has a dataSource bean defined in it and AnnotatedClass configuration for Hibernate rather than the HBM.XML file way. Any link to a blog with some snippets of info is hugely appreciated and I would also appreciate any tips on item #1 above.

Cheers, and thanks!

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I would like to know this too.
When using Spring+Hibernate and annotated class entities, instead of XML mapping files, I see nothing in the ER diagram.

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I was never able to get the ER diagram to work.

I was able to get a Hibernate Query to run via a HQL Datasource which was REALLY helpful with setting things up - I should have written down what I did though....doh.



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