IDEA 1177 Crashes/freezes under OS X when debugging

I am trying to debug a project using build 1177. As I step through code, IDEA disappears after a seemingly random amount of time. It does not happen at the same point in my debugging steps.

The first time this happened, the app crashed and I got the Apple "Application unexpectedly quit" message. Every time since then (about 5x), the IDEA window disappears but the app does not quit. If I try to quit manually (Ctrl-click on the app's dock icon and select quit), the app screen shows up again saying "Do you want to terminate debug connection". If I say no and try to go back to what I was doing before by IDEA window disappeared, the window is completely hung and unresponsive.

Anyone else seeing this?

- Tim


Could you please post idea.log into tracker thread for this bug?


Sadly, I am now unable to reproduce this bug. I will post an update if/when I encounter the problem again.


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