Per project file templates?

Hi, all.

At one client, I want the default new file to be:


  • created by $User

  • at $Date

  • $Id: local version

  • @version $Id: local version

import java.util.logging;

public class foobar{
Logger logger=Logger.getInstance(foobar.class);
because they have everything in cvs and are using JDK 1.4 logging.
(Please forgive typos - this is from memory.)

At another, who does not give cvs access to contractors, and who uses
log4j, I would rather have:


  • Created by Scott Ellsworth

  • Under contract from Alodar Systems

import org.apache.log4j;

public class foobar{
Logger logger=Logger.getInstance(foobar.class.getName());

Is there a way to do this that I have not figured out? If I could put
in a "conditional on module JDK", that would at least let me get the
logging right.


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