Can one 'relocate' a project's CVS repo?

Our CVS server was recently given a new IP address.

And my first thought was, I can add a new CVS root in IDEA, and then configure the project/module (or whatever) to use the newly added cvsroot.

But then when I went to do that second step, I couldn't find where it was that a project or module was "pointed" to a particular root.

And then I thought "well, what a minute..." all those CVS folders in the heirarchy, and they all contain a file named 'Root', and all those files all have the old IP address.

So now I've got two questions:

1) what does IDEA use the cvsroots for - is there not enough info in the working copy?

2) do I have to break out sed and just change all the working copy's "Root" files, or is there a way to get IDEA to do some heavy lifting?

(I don't want to have to re-checkout the working copy - I know I could just do that - I've got my reasons).

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I don't think you are going to be able to get IntelliJ to do the "heavy lifting". IntelliJ is just a CVS client, it is not manipulating the CVS files themselves. That is still being done by CVS itself. If the repository has moved you either have to re-check it out (which you mention you don't want to do) or edit the appropriate Root files.

Here is a page that has a section called "Reassigning Working Copies" that my give you a hand:


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