IDEA 9 CE - Groovy class will not compile

I just installed IDEA 9 Community Edition.  I created a simple project using a Java Module.
I then added Groovy as a desired technology.  Even though all went OK, I do not see a Groovy facet added (as the "New Project" screen says it will do add a Groovy facet).
I do not seet "Facets" when I go to Project Structure screen, under the module I created.
I have set the Dependencies for the project, where I have added a few Java .jar files.

I can create a Groovy class. It works fine. This class extends a Java class. No errors, imports are OK. Generation of override methods work.  Java classes are found.

BUT when I try to compile my Groovy class, I get errors. All the Java classes that my Groovy class refers to are reported as not found, even thouhg it found then when I
added the import statements.

Is there some setting missing?




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