Taglib's ids not being recognized in 9.0

Ok, I have spent a couple of days trying to figure this problem out. I have tag libraries that are used in JSP files.

For example:

<%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/catalog.tld" prefix="catalog" %>
<%@ taglib uri="/WEB-INF/user.tld" prefix="user" %>

<catalog:product id="product" />
<catalog:site id="site"/>
<user:user id="user" />

     String pageId = product.getString("STYLE");
    String siteId = site.getString("STYLE");
    String userId = user.getString("STYLE");

All of the tag's ids would show up as not being found and they have an error. I can do a control click on the  <user:user id="user" /> tag and it takes me to the correct place in the tld file. So that tells me that it is finding the tag library files, but for some reason its having a problem with the id. These worked in previous versions of IDEA. I am not sure what the problem is. Another developer is not having this problem and we are using the same codebase and same IDEA version. We tried to troubleshoot it and can't find a solution. I have even tried fresh install of IDEA 9.0, fresh project, with brand new checkout. Still the same problem.

I can open the other developer's project and it works fine. I copy it to my pc and it no longer works. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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forgot to mention that the code compiles and runs with no problems.

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What error message do you see?

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I was actually able to figure this one out yesterday but I couldn't comment on the thread because I could not get to the site. Kept timing out. Just by chance I thought I would edit the array that was defining the class for the tag id (made an edit in the TEI class). This caused IDEA to re-evaluate all the tags in the project and resolved all the supposed errors. I have seen problems like this before, but all I had to do then was edit the file that had the false errors and it would be re-evaluated and resolve itself. That did not work here. I am not sure why the tags were showing up the way they were, but the error was something like cannot find symbol "user" or "getString". I think in one occasion the error message said something like "null cannot be used where java.lang.String is required". The last error message was because the tag was being detected as null and the method required a String. Although it is strange that I cannot reproduce that message by typing null in there myself. Nevertheless, the problem is now solved. Thank you for your response.


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