Running Tests (difference between ant and IDEA)


When I use ant to run our tests, it reports back that at the end of the tests, 954 tests have run.

When I run the same class (that invokes all the tests) in IDEA, it reports that I only have 885 tests.

The ones that don't run in IDEA seem to have extended TestSetup and this is used in the suite() method of the test in question.

I'm probably not explaining myself very well, but I would appreciate perhaps some help from someone (IntelliJ?) to figure out why IDEA is not reporting the same number as ant.

I've attached a little example. It doesn't compile, I just wanted to highlight what was happening.

IDEA doesn't seem to report the right number, but the test does get executed!


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Please ignore. A silly error on my part by not properly configuring my packages.



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