Proxy server/firewall problems for plugin manager in recent builds...

I work at a company where we have a Microsoft proxy server. I'm using
build 1171, and although I've configured the plugin manager's proxy
settings (including password authentication) with the same settings I
use for Opera and other non-Microsoft programs, I'm unable to get the
plugin manager to talk to Intellij's server.

I'm getting the following exception: Server returned HTTP response code: 400 for URL:
at com.intellij.util.g.c.b(
at com.intellij.progress.ProgressManager.runProcess
at com.intellij.openapi.application.a.b$$

This has been happening for a while, but at one time the plugin manager
was able to get through. Now it doesn't.

Anybody else see problems like this? I'd submit a bug, but I'm not at
all sure if the problem lies with our proxy server or Idea.

One of the guys is bringing in a sniffer to monitor the transaction and
to try to figure out who's blocking it.

Any help or ideas on how to troubleshoot this problem would be

Douglas Bullard

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