Very slow scrolling after installing latest MacOS X Java update

Ever since I installed the latest Mac OS X Java update for Leopard last night (2009/12/4), scrolling in any of the scrollable panels in IntelliJ 8.1.4 is VERY slow.  The symptoms are pretty much identical to what I sometimes get when I forget to use ScrollBar.setUnitIncrement to set a 'reasonable' scrolling increment on the scroll bars in my ScrollPane's.  Assuming that the problem is a change in the default scrolling speed of scroll bars in this latest Java update, is there some way that I can override the new default by setting a property or something similar somewhere?

Note that by "slow", I mean that the scrollable panel does not move very far for each 'click' of the mouse wheel.  This is very different from a performance problem related to scrolling that is discussed in a different thread in this forum.

Just to avoid any potential confusion, I am running Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8 (i.e. *NOT* Snow Leopard).

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ditto--noticed the same thing.  Also on Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8 with Intellij Idea 8.1.4

haven't found any way to fix yet =(

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The workaround is to switch to the Java 1.6 JVM.  Here's how:

Note that the above referenced article has a step that says you are to copy


somewhere.  Things have changed a bit since the article was written.  The file in question is now called


This is explained in the article's comments although I didn't notice the update until I'd figured out that the ...../JavaApplication/Stub file was a Universal PPC/i386/x86_64 binary.

Thanks to Serge Baranov of Jetbrains for pointing me at the article.

As I am sure you know but it never hurts to remind one, make sure that you make a copy of your IntelliJ application 'bundle' before you make the change recommended in the article.

Scrolling got noticeably perkier once I made the above change.

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hmm, fwiw, I down-graded to 32-bit 1.5 since using 64-bit 1.6 (don't have 32-bit 1.6 on regular leopard) was getting horrificly slow...

i may try the workaround since maybe the mac java update will fix the perf problem...


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tried that fix and scrolling is fixed, but idea is terribly slow on 64-bit 1.6


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