Ver 9.0 Grails and Plugin Dependencies Issues

I was finally able to configure a project/module to work on my Grails application.

A new issue I've come across is plugin dependencies.  I'm using 4 plugins (acegi, jquery, console and hibernate).  However, I get compilation errors because my Grails module doesn't know to look in the plugins folder for the necessary JARs and source code for each plugin.

If I go through and add the dependencies manually I've been able to eliminate the errors (though I still have a couple that I'm working on eliminating).

My question is, isn't there a way that IDEA should know that this is a grails application and it should look in my plugins folder for any plugins?  Is there a configuration that I missed somewhere that will do this for me?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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UPDATE: Apparently closing and reopening the project resulted in IDEA automatically creating a grailsPlugin module which resolved all my dependency issues.  Would have been nice to know that.

Generally speaking, the Grails application setup & usage has been less than user friendly.  Hopefully they work out the kinks and make it better going forward.


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