Auto conversion of old project files

earlier today i was showing my colleague how to go about setting things up in intellij
he was pretty impressed and all was going well until

"Project converting to new format" scenario posted in community thread happened ..

it spoiled the show
Things like these are getting a bad name for IDEA 4.0

it converted everything nicely but as soon as he tried to go back and do a few things 3.5 way it spoiled the show :(

there is ways to avoid these scenarios if you are cautious but these things are mostly over looked by the developer

IDEA is smart enough to convert the 3.5 project file to 4.0 but it should not rename the old file to projectFile_old.* it should name the new file to projectFileVersion4.* so that even if the user accidentally opens up 3.5 it still is able to load the project and the settings nicely and not SCREW up


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