Idea's deployment vs. MyEclipse

As a long-time MyEclipse user, I have been disspointed by the deployment options in IDEA.

In MyEclipse, for example, once you set up a local deployment, everytime you save a JSP or Java class, it automatically gets compiled and copied out to your local (testing) aplication server so it's "live" right away.

Is there any way to do this in IDEA?

So far, I can't "deploy with pleasure" using IDEA....

Thanks for any replies.

- M

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do you mean
a) auto hot deploy after compilation
b) auto copy to the server directory after compilation?

b is supported. use artifacts.
i'm pretty sure a is as well, as it annoyed me a few years ago and i had to switch the feature of.

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Sounds good. I'll give that a try.

Thank you!

-- M

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To use the application server integration (including hot deploy) you need to be using Ultimate Edition. The community edition doesn't support app server integration.

If you are using ultimate edition setup the Run Configuration for your particular app server then run it with the debugger (you have to run with the debugger to get hot deploy). Then everytime you select Make Project it will hot deploy any changes you make (including JSPs).

There is an option in the run configuration that is something like "make project on frame deactivation", I find that handy as once you switch over to your web browser IntelliJ automatically hot deploys your changes.


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