IJ9 android 2.0 SDK support

I can't find any details on the android support builtin to IJ9 released version.  Does it support android 2.0 or 2.0.1 SDK?  I tried a hello android project and I get and error:

@NotNull method org/jetbrains/android/compiler/AndroidDexCompiler$DexItem.getFile must not return null

Perhaps this is related to the initial creation of my project did not seem to create the correct directory structure for an android project with a res directory??  All I got was an empty src and empty assets directory.

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Hello. Do you get this error during project compilation? If so, please click "Save All", then check if IML file for your module is created, then try to compile again.
If you clear checkbox "Create Hello World project" in the "New Project"/"New module" wizard, empty "src" directory is generated. Empty "assets" directory is always generated.


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