Compiling a project with JDK 1.5 fails


I read the help in IDEA on how to set up generics support and it seems to imply that it's enough just to set up the JDK 1.5 beta and use that on your project.

I've set up a project that uses JDK 1.5 and the code-completion and everything seems to be working OK but when I try to compile the project I get an error dialog "Compiler Classes Not Found - ]]>/lib/generics/collect.jar not found" (see attached screenshot). That jar file does in fact not exist.

So... am I missing something? How do I get this to work in IDEA?

Kind regards, Stefan Freyr.


It somehow managed to loose my screenshot.... here it is


Here's the fine print: To compile with JDK 1.5 DO NOT mark the "use generics enabled compiler" and add "-source 1.5" to the additional command line parameters.


Also notice that only the generics feature is supported. Enhanced for loop, varargs and the other 1.5 niceties are not supported and will be flagged as errors in the editor (but will compile fine if you do use them).


Has anybody looked at the JDK 1.5 plugin for Eclipse?
Depending on what the feedback is for this plugin, is it possible to have something similar while IDEA gets ready for EAP?


This plugin looks to me like one big hack. You just get to compile your 1.5 source files within eclipse, but losing any project management, refactoring and search facilities. If I am to lose that much, let's lose syntax check too and do it in IDEA.


I did not know it was that bad. I have been STRUGGLINGGGGGG to use Eclipse for past 1.5 days and have gone nowhere and all this for the JDK 1.5 plugin. If it makes life that stupid, I would rather wait till my dream team implements JDK 1.5 support.


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