Idea 9 Beta: Additional Grails Command "shortcuts" within the Grails View?


Are there shortcuts within the Grails view in Idea 9 beta for:

1.  Create Unit Test

2.  Create Integration Test

3.  Perform a clean

For items 1 & 2, I would have expected to see the same approach take for creating domain/controllers/services/taglibs.


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1.  Create Unit Test
2.  Create Integration Test

There's no such commands yet. Please file a request if you want to.
Alternatively, you could just go to the corresponding domain class or
controller and choose to generate tests from the toolbar on the top of
the editor.

3.  Perform a clean

THis can be done using 'Run Grails target' (CtrlAltG). Do we really
need a separate action for that?


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