IntelliJ 7.0.5 Loses source folder using Maven


I'm using maven to build a web facet for me. It doesn't detect my source directory so I add this manually in the module settings. When I compile however, the source folder is immediately unmarked Is this a known issue?

This doesn't happen when creating a module manually but of course thats not really a very good option since I'll then have to add all my dependencies manually as well which would be a major pain.

The only way I can think of getting around this is to create a module manually, close IntelliJ, open both .iml files and copy the dependencies from the maven built module into the manually created module, start IntelliJ and then remove the Maven module.

If in this case, I don't remove the maven module then the manually created on fails to have any resources listed.

Thanks in advance for any ideas that can help me get around this issue.

I'm using version 7.0.5 build 7971
My dir structure is basically:

root > webapp
root > source
root > target > gen_source

Interestingly, it finds gen_source fine and has no problem maintaining the gen_source directory.


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