Memory leak in 1159?

I installed 1159 over my previous 1156 installation on my Windows XP system. I'm running a project that contains a J2EE, Web and Java and EJB module (just for good measure) and I'm launching the Web module using Tomcat 5.0.18. It is working fine, but when I leave IDEA open for an extended period of time, the memory climbs to the point that I get an OS out of memory error. For example, I launched it and it initially takes up around 80 Mb according to the taskmanager. About 4 hours later, it had climbed to 170 Mb. I had Tomcat running continously within the IDE much of that time, but after killing Tomcat, it continued to climb. I've restarted it again and I'm not running Tomcat and the memory is climbing, but much more slowly. I'll have to keep testing this to be sure, but has anyone else noticed this?

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