Drag and Drop support to rearrange the directories in project view

It would be nice to see a way to have a fine controle on the directories to rearrange them in the project view. This could be way different than the way directories roots were added or the way sub roots of sources etc are added. Currently moving the files across the sources is possible.. The current need we see is that if the roots are

added in the order of A, B, C respectively then

the tree shows roots in the same order.. however if we want to organised the view as C, B, A then it is not possible.

Optionally there could be way to sort the roots in any order or rest to default order etc..

We see this need for the following.

In a team, though the project is one, each of the user may have focus on certain pieces or modules which needs to be on the top compared to other person.

Raja Nagendra Kumar,

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