Refactoring: Move or copy to another project path impossible

I have submitted this bug:

When we want to move or copy a class using the refactoring, we can only
choose the package with flatten package view. But what if our target package
is in another source path of the project??
From the package view the tager package is visible but it does not exist in
the current source path. When we do the move, Intellij create the new
package in the the current source path!! Without checking first in the other
source path if it already exist.

It was working in the build 663 (That we still have on one of our
workstation here!). Intellij was asking us to choose the taget source path
or something like that.

Please vote for it!!

Thierry Leveque

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I know, it is very unintuitive, but did you unchecked "Preserve current
source folder" (or so)?


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Since 1144 or 1147 till 1156 this checkbox was removed :(

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Sorry, I have been mistaken.


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