svn merge tooling: how to postpone commit?


i am using svn integration merge feature. i am choosing the option 'Integrate branch' where idea is merging the target working copy. After finishing the merge idea is offering me the commit to repository. I deny because before I want to test whether the merge resulted in a stable codebase (starting app, running unit tests).

Though after finishing reviewing the code, I find no option to commit the merge now. Before I have to run the merge command all over again, which is cumbersome and is taking very long time. As alternative I try to commit the sources directly form the merge-target working copy. But if doing so merging info is not tracked (no entry in merge sources column in history view)

further more idea shows me commits as not integrated yet, though they are (working copy has changed).

it seems a bit that subversion integration is also beta as the used idea 90.193 release?


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