Intellij Idea hang up when debugging


Hi, everyone.

My environment: Ubuntu 9.10 x32, Sun jdk 1.6.0_17 (also tried _14, _15, _16) download from, IntelliJ Idea 8.1.4; core2duo, 2gb of ram.
Project is rather a big one: it uses maven build, swing for client app, ejb and spring for the server part, ~6000 classes and resources separated into subprojects. I usually open root pom.xml in the trunk in IntelliJ Idea.

When debugging swing java client application (it uses local server written with spring for testing), in special occasions (seems to be random) idea freezes at the breakpoint (top shows no cpu or extreme memory usage),  and my system cannot get mouse events at all: i mean i cannot access gnome menu or any other window in the system with my mouse. so the only option for me is to go to console (ctrl+alt+f1) and kill idea (killall -9 java).
Please tell me if anyone got into such trouble and if there is any issue with jdk in ubuntu or special case with idea.

Thank you.

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I have the same issue, ubuntu 14.04 LTS, sun jdk 1.8.0_131, intelliJ IDEA community 2017.3. This happens debugging javax.swing application and breakpoint in the EDT, then press next step until end of method.


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