JSF validation when using Facelets (#{..} is not allowed in template text)

I use IDEA 8.1.3, build 9886

I have a project using Facelets with JSF.  When I do a rebuild of the project, there is a phase where it validates the XHTML files and marks every use of EL language with the error "#{..} is not allowed in template text".  This error is spurious; is there any way I can suppress it so a clean rebuild can complete normally?

Also I was curious about the Hibernate, Spring and JSF validation which happens during a clean rebuild.  Is there a way to perform those validations independently?  Currently the only way I know is to do a clean rebuild.



You can suppress the validation by unchecking Project Settings ->
Compiler -> Validation -> Validate on build checkbox.
Unfortunately, separate project validation in not currently available.


Thanks Dmitry.  When exploring the settings on that screen, I discovered that the messages were a result of the Jasper validation.  Since I am not using Jasper, I turned it off and now they no longer appear.


Turn off Jasper validation to prevent these messages.


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