Flex target player version and flex-mojos


I have a module with a flex facet.
I have set the compiler to a local flex sdk and set the target player version to 10.0.0
I am also using maven/flex-mojos with this module and everytime I make an edit to the pom, idea changes the compiler in the facet to the compiler that flex-mojos downloaded and blanks out the target player version.

I don't really care which compiler it uses, but i need it to set the target player version so i don't have to keep setting it manually.

Any ideas?

- Jonathan

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Hi Jonathan,

When you import flexmojos project then the usual workflow is to have everything configured in pom.xml.
So you should configure target player in pom.xml as written in flexmojos FAQ: http://flexmojos.sonatype.org/faq.html#8
And import project as written in our blog: http://blogs.jetbrains.com/idea/2009/09/flexmojos-inmaia/

After that you'll have custom compiler config file at target/...-config-report.xml and it will contain target player settings as well as all other required compiler settings.
At Flex facet settings the following is configured automatically and usually should not be changed: Flexmojos SDK, output type (application or library) and using custom compiler configuration file.

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thanks Alexander.

I was missing the targetPlayer in my compiler config, and somehow the facet was not using the custom compiler config.
Fixing those 2 things resolved my issues.


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