Wrong code completion shortcut in menu on Mac

I use IntelliJ 7 on a Mac at home and the shortcut for the code completions is listed wrong. The menu shortcut is shown as "-tab" (actually a little character with a right pointing arrow pointing at a vertical line). The shortcut is of course "-space".

Of course this assumes the cheat sheet I have for mac keyboard symbols is correct which shows the right pointing arrow pointing at a vertical line as tab.

On a side note if you use a Mac and use Quicksilver you will have change Quicksilver's default hot key or you won't be able to use code completion in IntelliJ.

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tab works for code completion using 'Mac OS X' keymap with IDEA 8.1.3 on snow leopard.

oh sorry, just saw your thread was from 2004. You've probably figured it out by now ;-]

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