Global setting for closing tool-windows on losing-focus

for many tool-windows I use the automatic-close un losing-focus (see Pin-icon on tool-window).

Is there a global setting for this? In every project the pin-setting can be  different or are reset when importing a new project (e.g. by maven or fresh setup).

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You could use the "Default Tool Window Layout" feature to basically accomplish this. Set all the tool windows the way you like them in terms of position, open or not, pinned/unpinned, docked/undocked, etc. Then from the menu select Window --> Store Current Layout As Default. When you create new projects, your tool windows will be set with those settings. While working in a project, if you have altered the settings (including the pin/unpin) and want to revert to the base, select Window --> Restore Default Layout. If you find yourself using it a lot, map a keyboard short cut to the "Restore Default Layout" in the Keymap settings.


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