annoying "updating modified files" modal progress window

I'm really annoyed by a "feature" of intelliJ where it tries to parse files that I'm not looking at.
I'm developing grails applications and after using the grails maven plugin to grails:run-app there are times when I click back into IntelliJ it locks me out from the files I have open and shows a progress bar and won't let me get to the files I have open.

Why can't this be done in the back ground. I appreciated how Eclipse would give a button that let's me put those parsing and synching jobs to the background and let me get back to typing code.

How do you deal with it? I'm hoping there's an option to set the parsing into the background.

I took a screen cap of the damned window that kills 30 seconds to 1 minute of my time most everytime after I run a build

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What build are you using?

In Maia IDEA 9.x, Jetbrains has listed as a feature to put all indexing into the background.  The work is mostly complete as of the Maia EAP 90.137 build, although I still see "Loading files..."/"Building indices.." which Dmitry said is related to Local History updates.


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I'm using 8.1.3 build #9886.

I hope in the future this stuff id done in the background and they just grey out the menu items for the features that use the indeces or parsed files until the background work is done.


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