How do I connect to Glassfish 2.1?

I can't seem to get a debug connection correctly set up for Glassfish 2.1 & IntelliJ Build #10666

If I try to set it up local, the error in the Run/Debug configuration dialog is "Admin port cofiguration not found".  Can't find any place to set this.

If I try to set it up as remote on the local machine, I get no errors. Set a break point, press the debug button and the system does not stop at the break point nor does the debug interface come up. It does say at one point that I am connected to the server.

Clues anyone?

Jim C.

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So I updated and now I am getting a different error for a local config.

"Admin access is disabled in cofiguration"

Does that mean GlassFish or IntelliJ?

Jim C.


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