Deadlock with color dialog - How can I safely fill in 8 default colors?

Due to a bug in Java, on multicore computers it often happens that if you open the standard color dialog, you get a deadlock, making the application completely hang. IntelliJ too shows the color dialog without any workaround (like killing a certain thread after detecting with a timer after a second that the dialog isn't properly shown yet) to prevent the deadlock from completely making the application hang. If IntelliJ hangs, then I need to kill the process and restart it, which makes IntelliJ reparse everything. So I rather don't take the risk of trying to open a color dialog in IntelliJ anymore.

If you go to IDE Settings - Editor - Colors & Fonts - Java, you can select the color by choosing from 16 default colors. That is ok for me, no risk for hang from that dialog (it's only if you doubleclick on one of them that the hang can happen). Next to the 16 default colors, are 8 boxes with a grey color.

Now my question is: can I fill in some nice values for those 8 boxes with grey color, in some configuration file of IntelliJ? I don't want to risk doubleclicking them, but in which config file are they? That should work without hanging.


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