Converting a Project to Subversion


I have an issue with subversion using the latest IDEA (downloaded today). I imported a project from eclipse project files. The eclipse project was a maven project and was versioned with subversion. When I imported, it became a normal project and it didn't compile.

I reimported is as a maven project, and it works great now, but it seems to not be able to detect subversion. Eclipse has a way to 'connect' or 'disconnect' a project from SVN, but I can't find such an option in IDEA. How do I make it detect the existing subversion repository for my project?

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IntelliJ usually just knows the project is under revision control based on the SCM metadata (in the case of Subversion the .svn directories in the working copy).

I have never had IntelliJ NOT detect a project was under revision control by Subversion. Do the .svn directories exist in your working copy?

Maybe try checking the project out from Subversion again?


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