grails tests results when using maven plugin

Hello, I'm building a grails project using the maven intellij plugin. Everything works fine. When I run the 'test' goal from the side bar, test complete and create a reports directory with both xml and html report files.

But I can't seem to figure out how to tell IntelliJ to open the junit test reports in a meaningful way (eg, where  files and line numbers are linked to source when there are test failures or error stack traces). I've been opening up the index.html in a browser. and it's getting more and more annoying to switch windows between firefox and the IDE.

Is there a way to tell the junit runner to run with the maven plugin? I have to invoke the tests using the maven 'test' goal because classpath and jar dependecies are resolved inside maven. I can't just right click on a test class and say "run grails tests"

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JUnit-like Grails tests integration will be available in Grails 1.2 with


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