IDEA community edition - Eclipse keymap leads to issue with mouse right-click

I just started using IntelliJ IDEA community edition (9.0 Beta) and am completely new to IDEA. Have been an Eclipse user for some years now and have got used to the Eclipse key shortcuts. So i configured IDEA to Eclipse Keymap in the settings. After i did this, i notice that this causes some issue with mouse right-click. For example, if i select a Class in my java project and right-click on it, the menu shows up for a very very short period of time and disappears immidiately in a flash. Unless i hold down the right button of the mouse, the menu never stays. Is this some known issue? Or is it some configuration that i missed?

Note that once i switch back to the "Default" keymap, the issue goes away. So this definitely is related to choosing the Eclipse keymap.   

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I just noticed that this was discussed in another thread here and i have to add that i am on RedHat Linux too. There's no clear solution that i could find in that thread though.


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