Why does my grails test-app hang?

Recently when I started using Team City, if I launch the grails test-app target from within intellij, it hangs.  If I debug into it, it appears to be hung while doing a reverse DNS lookup in Inet4AddressImpl.getLocalHostName.

If I run this target outside of intellij, it works fine.  I have attached the thread dump here.

I also recently installed the coverage plugin as well.


by the way, I also ran the following:

C:\Documents and Settings\Brent>uname -n


After further investigation, it turns out this occurs when I have the coverage plugin turned on.  The coverage plugin is trying to do the reverse domain name lookup on localhost.

If I turn my coverage off like this:

coverage {
    enabledByDefault = false

then it works fine, although I don't get coverage anymore

If anyone might know how I could fix that, I'd love it.


I'm have a near identical problem. The only difference is that I'm not using TeamCity but  the grails cobertura plugin with Hudson. Brent's trick of disabling the code coverage report isn't working for me even after a grails clean and a restart of InteliJ.

I am however able to run single unit tests, not integratin tests, in debug mode as JUnit tests just fine.

Not sure why this is happening as I've had the same setup for a few months now and not had a problem.

Using IntelliJ build 9920.


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