Idea takes a step backwards

When you folks at JetBrains decided to "fix" a problem with fonts by removing the ability for those of us who prefer a look and feel that is not the Idea look and feel to set the Idea system font. What this leaves me with to stop using the Mac OS X look and feel or put up with VERY small fonts for the project window and other system windows. If you had put the same restriction on the editor, it would be unusable. Aparently you folks at JetBrains do not want to give us back the ability to select an Idea system font because it apparently causes problems, could you please compromise enough to solve the problem you have created for me and other Mac users. Would you be willing to let us choose the font size, even if we only get a limited set of choices like small, medium and large. That would solve the problem you created when you took away our ability to set the font.

Please do something to alieviate this problem. Right now the system font size is half the size of the font size that I have set the editor set to (see attached tiff). It looks really bad, but I don't want to have to give up the Mac OS X look and feel.


This was discussed on other threads in these forums ( For example ).

If a look and feel does look bad in IDEA, it's not the fault of IDEA but of the look and feel. Try your look and feel in other applications such as the SwingSet2 demo application. It won't look different. As a developer of a look and feel I know that this is true for sure.

The recent builds (#1128) contain an option to override the system font (Settings -> Appearance, just below the look and feel combobox).


That option has been greyed out since build 1113 for any look and feel except the Idea look and feel (this is on Mac OS X), which is what the complaint is about. All I want to be able to do is get the system to use a font size that big enough to easily read, which is not what the default (and curently only) font size available to those who select the Mac OS X look and feel is. I would even be happy with the ability to say use small, medium or large font sizes in system windows.


I see that JetBrains has decided to fix the problem in build 1129 (thank you very much), so I will eagerly await it's release and stop my whining.


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