1128 - Some good things

1128 is pretty solid.

I was pleased to see the new check box for Jasper JSP Validation,
however it doesn't work right (filed bug), still good to see and hope
that this will work soon. I'm still surprised to see it so late in the

CVS performance has improved in great strides! Thanks for adding the kb
received from server, it at least tells us that IDEA is not dead and
just sitting there on check out. Would be nice to have a progress bar
like the one Plugins have when it's making a connection to the
repository. The popup is just too gray with nothing in it. It looks
like a mistake.

Check in, Adding is blazing fast now. Not sure what you guys did, but
it's a flash.

The IDE seems to be very responsive over all as well, I don't see the
delays when bringing idea to the front, and it doesn't steal focus when
it's not supposed to. The only time it does it is when I have a break
point, which is what I expect.

Nice work JB!

Tried using 305 a couple of days ago, and realized I couldn't do so many
things I can do now with 4, it's amazing the number of features we get
and don't realize it.


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where is the checkbox for jasper jsp validation?

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charles decroes wrote:

where is the checkbox for jasper jsp validation?

Paths | Click on Web Module | Go to J2EE Settings tab

It's pretty hidden, but it's at least module specific :)


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Not really hidden, it's right where I expected it to be _


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