best practices for using 3rd party svn?

I have a question about how to best configure my development environment.

If I download some code from a 3rd-party SVN (e.g., sourceforge or google-code), how should I back up my changes to this code?

  • I don't have commit privledges to the 3rd-party svn.
  • I want to be able to pull down changes from the 3rd-party svn.
  • I want to back up my changes to this code to my own svn.  I am okay with backing up the whole project.
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SourceForge is using SVN, therefore you can just use Intellij to access the remote SVN repository. Just enable the Subversion plug-in, and enter access detail. That's it.

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Thank you for your response.

Yes, I can download from SourceForge, but if I make changes, I want to save those changes to my SVN (not to sourceforge).

I am wondering what is the best way to configure Intelli-j for this scenario.

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There is no way to configure it like that, you can't even do that from the command-line as a normal commit.

What you are really wanting to do (probably) is to merge from a foreign repository. Checkout the code from sourceforge, import into your repository, then do merges from the foreign repository.

(I guess you could try to do that with IntelliJ's merge tool but you are probably better off with the command-line)


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