Keyboard / focus issues in Maia (#10781)

since the release of IDEA 9 is nearing I wanted to bring attention to this bug:

This is a really big problem for me, because this issue is stopping me in my tracks multiple times a day. Sometimes I'm unable to enter a commit message in the SVN commit dialog, sometimes IDEA will not accept input at all including the editor, shortcuts etc. IDEA seems to recover from the problem occasionally, but sometimes I have to restart the application. Needless to say that this is not really an acceptable workaround.
I cannot tell you what causes this error since it is not really reproducible, but it frequently occurs and judging from the comments I'm not alone.

Since this bug was reported 3 months ago, I'm really worried that this issue will not be resolved in the final release. This would actually stop me from upgrading to IDEA 9 - in the current state, IDEA9 is not usable in my environment. I'm on Ubuntu 9.04 64-Bit using the Sun JDK (Java 6).



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