Can't undo something I did in "Repository" panel


I did the following:

I opened the "9: Changes" button at the bottom of IntelliJ, there went to the Repository tab, and there pressed the Refresh button (two yellowish arrows). From that day on, there is some behaviour that wasn't there before I pressed it, but is there now. I didn't find any option to revert to the situation before I pressed that button. However I'd like to go back to before that.

The days before I had pressed that button, IntelliJ was quite fast. Since the day after I pressed it, it's slower. I already disabled "Refresh changes every ...." in Settings - Version Control - Cache. But everytime after I commit something, it says something about "rlog" related to CVS at the bottom status bar, which it didn't use to say in the past. Also new is that sometimes a yellow box appears on top of the code saying someone did a change. I prefer not to have these yellow boxes, because it also appears to slow things down, and I prefer not to see it.

How can I go back to the situation where it didn't say the "rlog" message in the status bar after I commit some code to CVS?

I thought pressing the button would just show me some change history, but instead it enabled this behaviour and I don't see a way to disable it anywhere...

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