Spring JPA annotations not properly propagated

An abstract base class has the @Transactional annotation applied to a public method.
The Spring plugins don't properly tag the implementing classes with the AOP advice icon in the Spring applicationContext.xml (and don't show them in the list of adviced classes under the tx:annotation-driven tag.
If the @Transactional annotation is applied directly to the implementing class it is shown correctly.

Doesn't influence the application runtime behaviour, only IDE visuals and navigation.

For example, the abstract base has a public method like this:

    public PersistentItem findById(long id) {
        T result = entityManager.find(getClassTemplate(), id);
        return result;

The class's implementing class is referenced in the applicationContext:

    <bean name="categoryService"  scope="prototype"/>

This bean is not tagged in IntelliJ's view of the Spring applicationContext as it should be, in the Java source however it is so tagged.

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Did you file a JIRA issue for this?


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