Mac OS X: Dragging Scroll Bar Moves the Entire Window

Here is a fun one. On Mac OS X when you are using the following JVM option dragging the scroll bar or resizing split panes will move the entire window.


This does not happen in the main window but on subsequent dialogs. I noticed this first when scrolling in the settings dialog. It would seem this is due to the native window's need to support movement via any point on the window as opposed to the traditional Mac way of dragging from the title bar to move the window. I really hate the brushed metal windows.

Mac OS X 10.3.2
JDK 1.4.1_01-27

I didn't initially find this one in the tracker but perhaps my search skill are lacking.

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Err, as obvious as this may sound, but why on earth are you using an unsupported property by IDEA, complaining about how it works, and then saying that you hate it??

Am I missing something, or is the obvious solution not to turn on that property?

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Wow. I wasn't really complaining, just simply testing out the various Apple JVM options. If none of these options are offically supported by IntelliJ then fine. This is something a Mac user may try along with relocating the menus of the application. To do this you have to add options to the Info.plist within the application bundle.

My disdain for the burshed metal windows has nothing to do with IDEA. I simply disargee with Apple for the ever increasing use of them in native applications. So I will concede that perhaps my comment about this style of window could have been left off. But I will not concede that my post was useless as it pertains to making IDEA blend as seamlessly into Mac OS X as possible.


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