Web services client generation

There used to be an option under Tools->Webservices to generate java code from a WSDL. This doesn't appear
to be there anymore (not sure which verison in dissappeared in). Is there some configuration I need to do?

I was able to start a new project and select a Webservices client and then IntelliJ let me enter a WSDL and it successfully created a web services client (using Axis). However, this doesn't help if I want to add a WS hit to an existing project.

Any insight?

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To enable this action you should open wsdl/wadl file in editor or focus it in Project Tree View. This action is also available from popup menu in Project Tree View.

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The WSDL file is remote so it isn't available in my project tree (suppose I could grab it with wget, but that seems a needless step).

I discovered that you can right click in the project tree and the generate java code from wsdl is in the web services menu on the popup. That dialog lets you enter a URL to a WSDL. The option has just moved, now since I have found it again all is well.


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