Looking Forward to 9.0 GA

I know the forum is mostly a place to point out problems and pose questions, but I'd like to tell all the folks at JetBrains who work on IDEA how pleased I am with the upcoming 9.0 version. The latest EAP (10762) has been very solid and a real pleasure to work with.

The Groovy and Grails support in IDEA 8.1 was very good and looks even better in 9.0. I'm also pleased to see some serious work is being done on the Android plug-in. (Google's emphasis on supporting Android for Eclipse is really too bad.)

Client demands have kept me trapped in the, uh, Eclipse world during the day, allowing me to I forget just how much I love this world class IDE. However, I've been doing a lot of after hours Grails work with IDEA. The combination of a fun language (Groovy), a great web framework (Grails), and the superior IDEA has given me the energy and enthusiasm to work late into the night. The mere dread of doing the same in Eclipse would have sent me scurrying off to dreamland!

I look forward to 9.0 GA and will eagerly pay for my upgrade license. (Did I really say that? It must be late. )

Thanks for hanging in there against the foolish expectation that major tools (like IDEs) can be superior in quality, highly innovative, and yet cost nothing. IDEA is still eating their free lunch!


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