Plugin to disable recognizing of the strings

Hello Gents,

Please advise !

I need to edit a text file and want to have brace matching for it.
However, in this file type, symbols " and ' do not indicate string content.
Thus, each time a parse recognize " or ' it markes now  the rest as string (green color) and proper brace matchins fails.

I am looking for the simplest solution to have brace matching with disabled recognision of the strings.
Netbeans supports this by default for text files, but not Idea.

Probably there are existing plugins available so I could associate those file types with mine.
I do not really want to develop something new for this purpose since I have not done plugin development myself.

I would greatly appreaciate your advice, links, or even help in developing this simple thing (conditions are negotiatable).

Thnaks in advance !
/ Igor

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i'm not sure but try to define new file type in your plugin
this fule type will be empty so no strings should be recognized inside these files


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