Waste of space on the editor tabs

Hi there,

Now that my preferred LnF (alloy) looks like crap on 1117, I find myself
forced to adapt and get used to another LnF (how's that for going forward
with every build... :).
So I'm switching back and forth between IDEA's default theme and XP's (and
alloy, every other try, hoping it was all just a bad dream).

One annoying thing I noticed is that the editor tabs in IDEA are much bigger
than in all the other LnFs. I have 5 open tabs now, and while none of the
other skins have a problem putting them on a single line (including the
ugly, bolded-font Metal) IDEA's LnF needs two rows of tabs. I know I can
force the tabs in one line, but that's not what I want. I want them all
visible, just smaller.

Has this been discussed before? Can IDEA's LnF be made to waste less space
for the tabs (and keep their size fixed, not expanding it to fill the whole


P.S. Or at least can we have the font settings back for all LnFs? :)

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